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Age: 2 years


Gender: Male

Ref: BD31132


Suitable with children: Yes

Other animals: Best as the only pet

Jonty is a happy dog, who loves to meet everyone. He is quite big and may jump up, so any children should be older and confident with dogs.

He leans in close when being brushed and loves a cuddle. He is well-behaved on the lead on walks and then settles nicely in his bed.

He doesn't know what to do with toys, and does flinch with overhead arm movements. He will run around with you but is clumsy with his spatial awareness and will knock in to you being silly.

Jonty isn't comfortable in the company of other dogs - luckily he isn't reactive at a distance which is great but he will need a home without neighbouring dogs, and to only be walked where he won't get approached by other dogs. 

With some management of his walks, and consideration for his boundries, Jonty would make a wonderful pet and is a real joy to be with.