The re-homing process

Thank you for considering adopting an animal from Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Many of our animals have come from deprived backgrounds, and our aim is to ensure that their next home is the best possible as well as being for life. We hope that you support this aim, taking care to find the right animal for you

Step one

Find animals that you are interested in. Most are online but as they are re-homed and come in every day, it is always worth visiting. Take a note of their name and ID number and ask about them at reception. Remember that some animals don’t behave in kennels as they normally would at home so don’t judge quickly. 

Step two

Find out more about your chosen animal from our team - the rehoming team at reception will help you with their details, their carer can tell you more about their personality and everyday behaviour and, if it is a dog, each block has a dedicated behaviourist as well.

Take them for a walk or give them a cuddle. Spend some time with them before making a decision. 

Step three

If you are sure, then register your interest in the animal at reception. You will need to show ID to confirm your address and, if you live in rented accommodation, a letter from your landlord saying that you are allowed to have pets.

We will then meet to discuss your application with our animal care team - we want to make sure that the animal's needs are met and that you suit each other for life!

If we feel that the animal isn't a good match then please let us help you find a more suitable pet. We have many looking for loving homes.

To secure the animal, you place a reserve. For cats and dogs, a £20 non-refundable deposit will be taken (which is then deducted from the charge on the day of adoption).

Step four

We will call you to arrange a home visit. This is a chance to ask any questions about how to set up your home ready for your new arrival. For small animals we would need to see your cage, or a home visit may still be requested. 

Step five

Once that has been cleared and the animal has passed their health check-up, an appointment will be made to pick up your animal. You will now need to pay the adoption donation (see below).

We are still here for you after adoption.

After three months with your new pet at home we will arrange another home visit. This is a chance to ask about any settling in issues you may be having. If you want to talk before that then please call. Our cattery and small animal team are happy to chat through any questions, and for dogs our behaviour team offer free 1:1 sessions for up to a year after adoption.


Adoption charges 

These include neutering, first vaccination, flea and worm treatments and microchipping. At an average vets this would cost you between £120 and £250 (neutering varies depending on the animal).


Pure breed  minimum of £200
Adult dogs and puppies  £150


Pure breed  minumum of £100
Cat or kitten  £75

Small animals

Rabbit   £20 or £30 for a pair
Ferret  £20 or £30 for a pair
Chickens and Cockerels   minimum donation of £5
Birds £12
Tortoise   minimum donation of £50
Other small pets   minimum donation of £5