Pet food donations

The best way to help us feed our animals is to donate money or fundraise with a fun or challenging event, because we have arranged trade and charity deals to get the most out of every pound. We can also purchase specific food for the young, elderly and ill animals in our care. 

However we do rely on food donations to help reduce the main bulk of our everyday food bill. Whilst we will use everything that is donated, whatever brand or flavour, if you do wish to donate food - say, by adding an extra can to your food shopping - then could we please request these most used items?

Preferred foods

Chappie, especially the chicken and rice variety

Butchers tripe and loaf varieties
Whiskas kitten pouches
Senior cat pouches

For both cats and dogs, we find that the gravy varieties do not sit well with many bellies, and prefer the jelly or chunky in jelly varieties.

Rabbit nuggets (not muesli)

Thank you for your support!