Every animal deserves the best care possible.

Over the last year, your donations have saved 1,337 animals. Whilst the demand is year-round, winter can be especially difficult. When animals are very young, elderly, malnourished or unwell, they need extra care to help them through the winter. Some of the essentials our animals need – like heat-retaining bedding and medication – are exactly what you can provide them with this winter, by donating to the Winter Essentials Appeal.

A medical emergency tackled - but only with your help. 

Annie, a young Yorkshire terrier was recently rushed to the Home in labour and in distress. The vets had to act fast to give Annie and her unborn puppies a chance of survival and carried out an emergency c-section. 

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However long it takes, you help us find the right home.

John Boy, a handsome adult cat, came to us as a stray with a large open wound on his haunch. 
Unfortunately for him, we had no choice but to amputate his injured leg.

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