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Elvis has left the building!!

Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Elvis-so named because of the Elvis style lip curl has found a loving home,with plenty of friends from BCDH.

His new owner says-

Dear All,
Thank you once again, for another most wonderful boy! He has settled in brilliantly, and just by a happycoincidence, all my BCDH cats are in this photograph – Mickey on the left, Dot on the surface, Florence
[ who has been here the longest now, and who came here in 1999] on the stool, and of course lovely
Elvis on the right.
When I woke up this morning, I found that I was sandwiched between Elvis and Mickey – what could be better?
I was a little concerned about Elvis yesterday, and decided to get him seen as soon as possible. The vet gave him a thorough examination, and gave him a Convenia injection, which I’m pleased to say has made a great
difference, and all is hunkydory at the moment.
I will never be able to thank you enough for entrusting these precious cats to my care, and I admire all you do more than I can possibly say. You are a great bunch of people, doing a hellishly tough job, and it has been a
privilege to meet so many of you in recent months.
    With very best wishes,

And now a word from Elvis himself-

Dear All,
                      Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying being in my new home and to thank you so much for all you have done for me this year.

 With love-Elvis.


News of Blaze and an update on Suki and Stella-happy endings!

Friday, June 10th, 2011

We recently heard from Blazes’s new owners who told us-


When we first saw Blaze we knew he was the one! He is a lovely dog and good natured with us . He still has a few issues that we are dealing with  but we love him and know he now feels at home and is wanted.We hope that given time he will forget the abuse he suffered and realise that there are only  good times ahead of him. We are glad we went to the Bath dogs and cats home- keep up the good work . Dane

Thank you for giving Blaze a loving home-we wait to hear how he’s doing further down the line.

And now Suki and Stella


Hello folks

Can you believe Stella and I have been in our new home for 3 months !!

We have settled in well , I now eat a combo of wet food (in posh gold trays ) and biscuits so I’m getting a proper healthy diet ..I’m still not sure why human food is bad for me but never mind!

Stella is still testing out Mum and Dads parenting skills, she has stopped picking on me now (had to go to vets ..not nice) and has decided to bark and passing dogs instead, I am sure once that’s sorted she will find something else to be naughty about (she is still obsessed with Tia the cat so they are not allowed to be alone together!) .. she has this cool trick where she flips on her back and exposes her tummy buttons for a tickle which for some reasons humans find impossible to resist !

Myself (the dark mysterious, well behaved one with the unique set of gnashers) am loving living here,  mum and dad say I have really developed my personality…at least I think that’s what they said when they found me digging in the raised flower bed over Easter……… & I know that there were 3 dog beds in the garden for the 3 of us to lie on but sleeping in the flower  border bought me closer to nature I am a dog after all !!

Stella asleep

Suki & Stella

We  love your letters Suki and Stella-keep them coming and thank you to your Mum and Dad for giving you such a lovely life.

Have you re-homed one of our animals? We would love to hear how they are doing – please email stories and pictures to

Alfie(was Alvin) the lurcher and his new life.

Sunday, May 15th, 2011



We had a lovely e-mail from young Alfie’s new owners-apparently he has already had two holidays and was only adopted in April-lucky you Alfie!

His new owners write-

We adopted Alfie on 30th April and haven’t looked back since.  He is the best most wonderful dog you could ever want.  It took a few days for him to truly settle in but now you would think he had been here all his life.  He has met with loads of other dogs, small furry ones also (with no muzzle) and is great, says hello and has a sniff, he does want to play when he meets bigger dogs and is very puppyfied, lots of people we have met ask about him as he is a very striking dog and all seem to think he is younger than the 2 years you put on him (I guess we will never know).  He always has a mad 5 minutes after breakfast where he runs around the garden at 100mph then is shattered. 
He has been to two caravan hols with us and loves to lie on the beach in the sun, not too keen on the sea though.  We haven’t had him off lead out and about as he is very interested in stuff, but we found a quite cove on hol where he couldn’t escape, only out to sea so we knew we were safe, and let him off lead.  His recall is very good as he thinks of his belly.  And he loves his pigs ears and marrow bones.
 Taylor and Alfie are best pals and go everywhere together! alfie and friend



He is adored by all of us and will be treasured for years to come.

Alfie exhausted



What stunning photos and nothing could be nicer than a boy and his dog.Thank you for re-homing Alfie and giving him such a lovely life!

Toby at home

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010


Many of you will remember Toby – a German Shepherd who was resident with us for over four years. He had a skin condition that needed regular care . He was a big softie to those he trusted, and he had many friends who walked him, including a lot of the staff. He found a home with a family who had adopted dogs from us before, so it was lovely to know he was going to such a secure and loving home. They have been very kind to send us some photos of Toby getting the fun and fuss he deserves!

Vince’s Story

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

vinnie in snow

Do some of the dogs at the Home seem intimidating? We tell you everything we know about a dog – the good and the bad – but that doesn’t mean they won’t make great family dogs. Here is a story  about Vinnie, who would have been a terrible prospect on paper…

I had been desperate to get a dog for years and finally my partner and I had managed to get on the property ladder, so I eagerly started looking. I had never considered a German Shepard before, but when I read Vinnie’s horrific story online, I immediately had my heart set on providing him a home that he urgently needed.

On first meeting Vinnie, I was quite intimidated, however gradually over a month my partner and I built up a relationship with him and he started to trust us. On bringing him home he quickly showed aggression towards people and dogs, which made walks a nightmare and almost impossible for friends and family to come to our house. With the cruelty Vinny had endured I could understand why he was displaying this nervous aggression, but this did not make it any easier to deal with. With the help of the Bath Cats & Dogs Home behaviourist, Steve, we persevered by using techniques that required positive association of people and dogs.

Six months on….
Vinnie is doing great. He is off the lead on walks all the time, socialises beautifully with all dogs and enjoys affection from everyone. He is very obedient and on calling his name he runs back to us instantly, his loving nature and loyalty are a credit to him. We will never truly know what cruelty he endured prior to the dogs home, but within the space of six months his perception of the world has changed and he no longer see people or dogs as a threat. We have since got Vinnie a friend, Rufus a Vizsla puppy, and the pair are now inseparable. I would like to thank everyone in the dogs home, and especially Steve for all the help and input you have given Vinnie to make him the happy dog he is today.

vinnie and puppy