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Joey out back

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Joey 5

A message from one of our regular dog walkers about Joey – a staffie who you will find in one of the paddocks at the back of the Home so he often gets over looked.  His animal page is here.

Arriving at BCAD Home one busy Saturday, I discovered all my regular dogs had been walked. Though slightly disappointed, I saw this as a great opportunity to make a new ‘paw pal.’ Which is precisely what happened when Joey the adorable little Staffie entered my life. Strutting up towards me with a waggy tail, he certainly made a great first impression.

Joey walked happily by my side, ignoring other dogs, stopping for occasional ‘tummy tickles’ on the freshly cut grass. After our tiring walk I perched on a bench with dear little Joey sitting quietly on my lap, licking my arms, content just to be cuddled and fussed over.

Joey is a remarkably intuitive, intelligent dog, with such a loving gentle nature. He was my doggy pal on the Wag Walk, where he enjoyed an impromptu play-date with a hyperactive Labrador puppy; I think he fell in love with her a little as he pined when she ran away!

Throughout the walk whenever I slowed to keep my balance Joey followed suit, and at one point even jumped up to break my fall with his paws.

Joey would be an utterly fantastic companion for anyone seeking a loyal, affectionate best friend.


Wag walkers

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Our doggie walking supporters took to the Bath Skyline in support of the Home on Sunday 25 April – our photographers papped a few of you, can you spot anyone you know?

With thanks to Mike Thornberry of Mike Thornberry Photography and Jonathan Cleaver of 360 Media Studio.

An ode to Spot

Friday, April 16th, 2010


love foreverA message from Rosanna who volunteers to walk one of our dogs Spot who is still looking for a home.
I never anticipated that my best friend would be a little white spotty Staffordshire bull terrier called Spot, yet from the first time he gazed up hopefully at me for cuddles; I knew he was special.

Spot was friendly from the start, sweet-natured and inquisitive, moving me to laughter constantly at his obvious delight for everything he saw and smelt. Spot doesn’t pay much attention to other dogs when on walks as his main interest is the friend walking him. He is affectionate and adores attention.

As our bond has built he has become incredibly obedient and heart-warmingly loyal; one muddy autumn day he leapt to my aide when I slipped on some wayward leaves.

Sadly, his breed stereotype causes people to not give him a chance, but if they were to befriend him, his utter devotion would astound them. If I wasn’t a full-time student, I would share my home with Spot in a heartbeat. I cannot think of a better companion than him.

Kennel life saddens Spot; he is a very sociable little dog and hates spending his days alone. Rehome Spot and he will repay you with love, faithfulness and a lifetime of fun. Why not see for yourself?

big kiss

The Boris I know

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Our dedicated dog walkers often walk the same dog and get to know them really well. Bob has been walking Boris the rottweiler, and has found him a handsome companion.

12976 boris a

“Boris loves his routine……and walks excellently on a lead now, with a halti only attached as an insurance….just in case another dog becomes aggressive……Boris does not start problems, and mostly ignores other dogs……but sometimes he has to stand up for himself……a simple command puts that to rights, and he trots away alongside me like it never happened.

He does not like buses…….particularly ones that make a hiss noise and move their doors when we are walking past, and tends to hide behind me…..thus destroying the Rottie “fear nought” myth……he is actually a real character…..

He loves his treats, and he loves his cuddles too….(particularly cuddles and treats…..together).  He loves to sit at your feet and just have his ears tickled…….for maybe ten or twelve hours I guess…….or so it would seem.

 I’ve been walking him for a little while now, and if I was not a full time professional, like my wife, meaning we are out of the house for long periods, he would right now be living with us!!!

I simply do not understand why nobody has fallen for Boris, and taken him home…….but I am torn between what is good for him, and what is fun for me……….so I will enjoy my time working with him, and look forward to the day he is homed with mixed feelings”.

You can see Boris’ page here.