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News of Blaze and an update on Suki and Stella-happy endings!

Friday, June 10th, 2011

We recently heard from Blazes’s new owners who told us-


When we first saw Blaze we knew he was the one! He is a lovely dog and good natured with us . He still has a few issues that we are dealing with  but we love him and know he now feels at home and is wanted.We hope that given time he will forget the abuse he suffered and realise that there are only  good times ahead of him. We are glad we went to the Bath dogs and cats home- keep up the good work . Dane

Thank you for giving Blaze a loving home-we wait to hear how he’s doing further down the line.

And now Suki and Stella


Hello folks

Can you believe Stella and I have been in our new home for 3 months !!

We have settled in well , I now eat a combo of wet food (in posh gold trays ) and biscuits so I’m getting a proper healthy diet ..I’m still not sure why human food is bad for me but never mind!

Stella is still testing out Mum and Dads parenting skills, she has stopped picking on me now (had to go to vets ..not nice) and has decided to bark and passing dogs instead, I am sure once that’s sorted she will find something else to be naughty about (she is still obsessed with Tia the cat so they are not allowed to be alone together!) .. she has this cool trick where she flips on her back and exposes her tummy buttons for a tickle which for some reasons humans find impossible to resist !

Myself (the dark mysterious, well behaved one with the unique set of gnashers) am loving living here,  mum and dad say I have really developed my personality…at least I think that’s what they said when they found me digging in the raised flower bed over Easter……… & I know that there were 3 dog beds in the garden for the 3 of us to lie on but sleeping in the flower  border bought me closer to nature I am a dog after all !!

Stella asleep

Suki & Stella

We  love your letters Suki and Stella-keep them coming and thank you to your Mum and Dad for giving you such a lovely life.

Have you re-homed one of our animals? We would love to hear how they are doing – please email stories and pictures to