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From runaway to loving home

Friday, June 11th, 2010

sandy lurch

Some of you may remember Mandy – an older tan wire-coated lurcher who was straying near the Home for several weeks in October last year. There was a prolonged operation to try and catch her safely to get her treatment and a kennel to stay in. Several of our animal carers spent hours trying to coax her close! In the end, as she was so scared,  a set of dog traps were placed along the avenue and she was safely caught.

She turned out to be a friendly dog once she had settled in and had some good meals. She was soon re-homed.

We are pleased to show you a photo from her new owners – she is now called Sandy and looks thoroughly content!

A note with the photo said:
Here I am with my mate Tara and our large friend Speddock who comes to stay for his holidays sometimes. Life is great! Love from Sandy