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An ode to Spot

Friday, April 16th, 2010


love foreverA message from Rosanna who volunteers to walk one of our dogs Spot who is still looking for a home.
I never anticipated that my best friend would be a little white spotty Staffordshire bull terrier called Spot, yet from the first time he gazed up hopefully at me for cuddles; I knew he was special.

Spot was friendly from the start, sweet-natured and inquisitive, moving me to laughter constantly at his obvious delight for everything he saw and smelt. Spot doesn’t pay much attention to other dogs when on walks as his main interest is the friend walking him. He is affectionate and adores attention.

As our bond has built he has become incredibly obedient and heart-warmingly loyal; one muddy autumn day he leapt to my aide when I slipped on some wayward leaves.

Sadly, his breed stereotype causes people to not give him a chance, but if they were to befriend him, his utter devotion would astound them. If I wasn’t a full-time student, I would share my home with Spot in a heartbeat. I cannot think of a better companion than him.

Kennel life saddens Spot; he is a very sociable little dog and hates spending his days alone. Rehome Spot and he will repay you with love, faithfulness and a lifetime of fun. Why not see for yourself?

big kiss