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Charlie settles in with new family

Monday, March 8th, 2010

charlie boy smaller

We would just like to let you know that Charlie is settling in really well with our family. He has lived with us for three weeks now and  he is an absolute joy!! Though he is thought to be about five years old, Charlie behaves like a very inquisitive and  active puppy. He adores his toys and loves to play. He has so much energy!!!

As Charlie’s background was fairly  ’sketchy’, we were uncertain as to how house trained he was. However, we need not have worried, as things have been fine. His party trick is to bring us his lead when it is time for his walk.

He has enjoyed exploring many new walks around the area in which we live. He never tires in the day and is always ready to play ball!! Our grown up sons love him to bits and though they both lead busy lives, they always find the time to play with Charlie which is lovely!

Charlie has a super temperament and interacts well with other dogs. This is rather a novelty for our family, as our last Jack Russell, Sally, (who died aged 15 last May and who  also came from your cats &  dogs home) was not so sociable with other dogs.

Thanks to everyone who cared for Charlie during his time at the Home. We feel very lucky to have chosen  such a friendly and loving dog. Indeed, he has become,in a very short space of time, an integral part of our family and we look forward to spending  many more years with this lovely young chap!!