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Toby at home

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010


Many of you will remember Toby – a German Shepherd who was resident with us for over four years. He had a skin condition that needed regular care . He was a big softie to those he trusted, and he had many friends who walked him, including a lot of the staff. He found a home with a family who had adopted dogs from us before, so it was lovely to know he was going to such a secure and loving home. They have been very kind to send us some photos of Toby getting the fun and fuss he deserves!

Free at last

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Two and a half years ago we got a delivery of seven German Shepherds and two cats which were part of a huge RSPCA case. The owner had over 30 dogs kept in crates, which were taken from them and split between several rescue homes. These animals were cared for here at the Home, but as they were not signed over to us they were not available to be re-homed or even walked by volunteers. After several delays and an overturned appeal, plus the sad death of one elderly cat, we are pleased to say these gorgeous pets are now free to find a happy home.

Because of the length of time in kennels and the restrictions on contact imposed with case animals, coupled with their tough start in life, they are nervous of meeting new people. They are mostly un-housetrained and will have never seen household objects such as hoovers, washing machines and sofas. Imagine being 25 years old and never heard a hoover! This means they will require patient and understanding owners.

Read more about them on their profile pages – start here to find them. If you are interested in adopting any of these animals then please come and get to know them, and ask their animal carer about them.

Big dogs, big love

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

We have a number of gorgeous German Shepherds in the Home at the moment, and for those with a love of waggy tails and big fluffy ears here is a gallery of our dogs (including cross breeds) and some fun facts about the breed:


Known affectionatly as GSD’s

Re-branded as Alsations during World War 1 to avoid harming the popularity of the breed.

Intelligent dogs – they take quickly to training so have been used in lots of aspects of working life - police sniffer and defence dogs, guarding and search and rescue. 

The shape of the showing breed has changed over the century – with concerns over the sloping back creating hip problems. The Kennel Club have asked for more testing by breeders but have not asked for judges to penalise dogs showing the extreme shape.

They have been bred to react quickly and give warning – which is why you will get barked at by our dogs in the Home! Once they know you they are very loyal.

As a treat, click here to see a pic of the GSD x collie puppies we have in at the moment – please enquire at reception if you would like to adopt a puppy.


Vince’s Story

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

vinnie in snow

Do some of the dogs at the Home seem intimidating? We tell you everything we know about a dog – the good and the bad – but that doesn’t mean they won’t make great family dogs. Here is a story  about Vinnie, who would have been a terrible prospect on paper…

I had been desperate to get a dog for years and finally my partner and I had managed to get on the property ladder, so I eagerly started looking. I had never considered a German Shepard before, but when I read Vinnie’s horrific story online, I immediately had my heart set on providing him a home that he urgently needed.

On first meeting Vinnie, I was quite intimidated, however gradually over a month my partner and I built up a relationship with him and he started to trust us. On bringing him home he quickly showed aggression towards people and dogs, which made walks a nightmare and almost impossible for friends and family to come to our house. With the cruelty Vinny had endured I could understand why he was displaying this nervous aggression, but this did not make it any easier to deal with. With the help of the Bath Cats & Dogs Home behaviourist, Steve, we persevered by using techniques that required positive association of people and dogs.

Six months on….
Vinnie is doing great. He is off the lead on walks all the time, socialises beautifully with all dogs and enjoys affection from everyone. He is very obedient and on calling his name he runs back to us instantly, his loving nature and loyalty are a credit to him. We will never truly know what cruelty he endured prior to the dogs home, but within the space of six months his perception of the world has changed and he no longer see people or dogs as a threat. We have since got Vinnie a friend, Rufus a Vizsla puppy, and the pair are now inseparable. I would like to thank everyone in the dogs home, and especially Steve for all the help and input you have given Vinnie to make him the happy dog he is today.

vinnie and puppy