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Elvis has left the building!!

Saturday, June 18th, 2011


Elvis-so named because of the Elvis style lip curl has found a loving home,with plenty of friends from BCDH.

His new owner says-

Dear All,
Thank you once again, for another most wonderful boy! He has settled in brilliantly, and just by a happycoincidence, all my BCDH cats are in this photograph – Mickey on the left, Dot on the surface, Florence
[ who has been here the longest now, and who came here in 1999] on the stool, and of course lovely
Elvis on the right.
When I woke up this morning, I found that I was sandwiched between Elvis and Mickey – what could be better?
I was a little concerned about Elvis yesterday, and decided to get him seen as soon as possible. The vet gave him a thorough examination, and gave him a Convenia injection, which I’m pleased to say has made a great
difference, and all is hunkydory at the moment.
I will never be able to thank you enough for entrusting these precious cats to my care, and I admire all you do more than I can possibly say. You are a great bunch of people, doing a hellishly tough job, and it has been a
privilege to meet so many of you in recent months.
    With very best wishes,

And now a word from Elvis himself-

Dear All,
                      Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying being in my new home and to thank you so much for all you have done for me this year.

 With love-Elvis.


We have a pet for every home…

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Bendy paws

A lovely story about one of our previous residents…

My partner and I have always been animal lovers, but when we bought our first home, a first floor flat, we assumed that there was no way we could adopt a furry friend. That was until we were told that the Bath Cats and Dogs Home often required suitable homes for indoor cats and upper floor flats were ideal.

We excitedly visited the cattery one weekend to find many indoor cats that needed re-homing. We were introduced to ‘Diablo,’ a cheeky white tom cat who was deaf, so needed to be kept safe inside. We fell in love with him instantly and were delighted to offer him a home. He moved in during August last year and made himself instantly at home! Due to being deaf, he is quite noisy and often meows very loudly – but it’s usually just because he’s enjoying his dinner or fancies a cuddle.

His favourite activities (other than sleeping and eating) are playing with cardboard boxes, attacking anything fluffy or feathery, chasing shadows and watching birds and the traffic go by from the windowsill.

He has become incredibly affectionate and likes nothing more than crawling onto your lap for a cuddle, or even a kiss if you’re lucky. 


One of my favourite toys


Curling up with Cassidy

Friday, May 14th, 2010


An update on gorgeous cat Cassidy who was adopted from us last summer. She was four years old when she was adopted, her new owner tells us her story:

When I first bought Cass home, she was a nervous little thing who spent the first few days hiding under my bed and jumping whenever the front door went. However, on the fourth day, she crept out from under the bed and came for a cuddle. Since then her progress has been swift and she is now a friendly, relaxed creature who is gradually becoming more and more independent.

In October we moved out of Bath into the lovely village of Timsbury and this is a move that had done Cass a world of good. She spends most of her time either snoozing on the windowsill in my bedroom or out hunting and playing in the fields that surround the village.

I’m very grateful to have Cassidy as she has turned my house into a real home and I would be lost without her.


on floor

Old love

Friday, April 23rd, 2010


A message from the new owners of one of our cats:

We adopted Puss from the Bath Cats & Dogs Home at the end of March this year as he had been at the home since December and not only had he found it very stressful, he was also quite ill. Being an old cat, we wanted to provide him with a loving, family home for his declining months.

Since coming to live with us, he has settled in nicely and we have made a short video to share with you.

Flat Cats

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Above: Smokie. A 12 Year old cat looking for a flat or bungalow without stairs as has very stiff legs. Smokie can be found in Red cattery.

At Bath Cats & Dogs Home, we believe that all cats should be given the opportunity to be able to go inside and outside when ever they choose. However, due to illness or infections, there are a few cats who are not allowed to go outside in case they spread the infection to other cats. We call these cats “Flat cats”, where they are rehomed to upper storey flats only.


All male entire tom cats are routinely checked at castration for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) aka Feline AIDS and Felv (Feline leukemia virus).

The FIV virus depletes the number of white blood cells, which eventually makes the cat less able to fight off infection. However, because it is such a slow acting virus many FIV positive cats can enjoy a normal lifespan with no apparent health problems resulting from the virus. FIV is species specific , so can only be transmitted from cat to cat, and not to humans or other animals. FIV is caused through cat bites. Cat fights are most likely between entire toms and these are therefore the group most at risk. Neutering cats reduces the risk of fighting and the need to wander.

Unlike some rehoming centres, Bath Cats & Dogs Home will find suitable homes for all FIV cats rather than euthanizing them. They are best rehomed to upper storey flats, where there is no possibility of the cats going outside and spreading the virus and being rehomed as the only cat.


Above in order (FIV cats): Harry, Barley & Sonny. They can be found in the main cattery.

FHV (Feline Herpes Virus)

Bath Cats & Dogs Home has recently seen a few cats with FHV. It is an acute upper respiratory disease of cats. Main symptoms include eye and nose discharge, conjunctivitis, which may lead to corneal ulcers, sneezing  and is a flu type virus. Stress can cause occasional outbreaks. In the “latent” phase, where the virus is still in the host but is not causing disease at the that time, they do not shed the virus to other cats. Asymptomatic carriers may shed the virus but may not display symptoms, but are actively shedding the virus and other cats can become infected. During the “active” phase, the virus causes symptoms associated with the disease. The virus is shed and other cats can become infected.

Feline Herpes is transmitted by both direct and indirect contact. Direct contact is when it is transmitted by oral and respiratory secretions of a cat who is actively shedding the virus. Indirect contact is from contact with infected food bowls, litter trays, bedding etc, which has been in contact with an infected cat shedding the virus.

There is no cure for feline herpes. Once the cat has the virus, it has got it for life. Treatment is available to help treat the symptoms and to shorten an outbreak. Bath Cats & Dogs Home is rehoming these cats as only cats to upper storey flats only, to reduce the risk of other cats getting the virus especially when it may not be so obvious that the cat is shedding it. The home provides assistance with medication for cats that are positive of having the herpes virus.


Above, in order (Herpes cats) : Aria & Neela. They can be found in the main cattery.

Bath Cats & Dogs Home also rehomes blind, deaf and very old cats who do not want to go outside to flats as well.We have a constant turn around of cats being rehomed and so if you dont find your perfect cat that day, they may be waiting for you to the following week!

We look forward to your visit!