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The Boris I know

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Our dedicated dog walkers often walk the same dog and get to know them really well. Bob has been walking Boris the rottweiler, and has found him a handsome companion.

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“Boris loves his routine……and walks excellently on a lead now, with a halti only attached as an insurance….just in case another dog becomes aggressive……Boris does not start problems, and mostly ignores other dogs……but sometimes he has to stand up for himself……a simple command puts that to rights, and he trots away alongside me like it never happened.

He does not like buses…….particularly ones that make a hiss noise and move their doors when we are walking past, and tends to hide behind me…..thus destroying the Rottie “fear nought” myth……he is actually a real character…..

He loves his treats, and he loves his cuddles too….(particularly cuddles and treats…..together).  He loves to sit at your feet and just have his ears tickled…….for maybe ten or twelve hours I guess…….or so it would seem.

 I’ve been walking him for a little while now, and if I was not a full time professional, like my wife, meaning we are out of the house for long periods, he would right now be living with us!!!

I simply do not understand why nobody has fallen for Boris, and taken him home…….but I am torn between what is good for him, and what is fun for me……….so I will enjoy my time working with him, and look forward to the day he is homed with mixed feelings”.

You can see Boris’ page here.