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Tangled and tired

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

neglected schnauzer

A couple of weeks ago we had in three miniature schnauzers in – normally proud fuzzy-faced dogs – whose coats were severely matted.

We often get neglected and abused animals brought in by RSPCA inspectors. They are sometimes part of a case that is being built to prosecute owners and will stay with us until the case has closed – this can be months or even years. Sometimes, like here, there is no prosecution when it feels like there should be but at least they can be re-homed quickly. 

schnau 001

Here they are a few days later after a wash and shave!

Staff and volunteers have been sitting inside their kennel to get them used to people and the yummy delights they often bring. They are bouncing back into inquisitive and handsome fellers.

- Janine