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Making Bella beautiful

Monday, September 5th, 2011

for webShortly after the lovely Sunny found a home (click here for his story) we had a young female saluki cross come in in a similar condition. Although not quite so underweight – Bella had deeper sores particularly around her eye and on her side. Click the image for a larger picture – this may upset some people.

She was much brighter in herself than Sunny was, and we felt confident in finding her a home as soon as her ’stray days’ were complete. In the meantime she spent a few days in the offices here to keep warm and with company. She spent most of time looking for fuss or sleeping.

She was quickly reserved by a lovely couple who already had sighthounds – including a saluki. After a meeting with their dogs and lots of instructions on how to care for her skin she was gathered up and welcomed into their home. They kindly sent us these snaps shortly after – her skin has improved and will be growing fur again in a few more weeks. Click any image to see it larger.

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I was abandoned with a broken leg

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

tulip closeup 2 small

This is Tulip, a pretty saluki cross lurcher.

Soleful eyes? Check.

Fluffy ears? Check.

Four legs? Er, actually no.

tulip tripod 2 small

Tulip was found abandoned with her leg shattered. We can only assume she was too expensive to fix, or useless for poaching or guarding, after having some sort of accident.

She was taken to a vets and had to have her leg amputated. With no owners claiming her, she came to us.

Imagine in one week losing your home, your owners and your leg and winding up in kennels with strange dogs and smells.

For the first week Tulip was withdrawn and reluctant to exercise and interact. Then she went through a phase of kicking back at everything, barking and growling at everyone to keep away. She was scared and unsure.

holly tulip 4 small

With patience and care from her animal carers and dedicated work experience girls like Hollie (pictured) Tulip is feeling more secure and happy. She even had her first groom and bath this week – look in the right-hand corner for the amount of hair that came off!

Although still nervous of men approaching her, she is bouncing back quickly and becoming a staff favourite. We have found that she loves sunbathing and belly rubs.

If you approach her kennel she may bark at you – try approaching slowly and sideways-on, and armed with small smelly treats! If she is unhappy with you being there, please back away and try again another day, we don’t want to push her too fast.

If you are interested in homing Tulip, please come in and meet her and speak to her animal carer.

tulip snuffle small belly rub smalltulip oh hello smalltulip snuffle2 small