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Year 6 at Oldfield Park Junior School are our Heroes.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

school visit[2]

Earlier this year the children of Year 6,at Oldfield Park Junior School decided that they would like to support us as their chosen charity.This tied in with their topic of ‘Heroes’,exploring how being heroic can mean many different things.

So Louis, the rescue terrier, and friend visited the children at school to tell them about the work that is done at the Home.

After the visit all sixty chidren split into groups and came up with ideas to raise money for the Home. These ideas were presented ‘Dragon’s Den’ style and the two most popular ideas were adopted.

The first idea adopted  was to design a perfect pet and enter it into an art competition with the fee of £1 for every entry.

The winning design was ‘The Homework Dog’ which unlike most dogs that allegedly chew up homework,this one actually helps with it!!

The second idea was to hold an ‘Obstacle Olympics’ where pupils paid a fee to take part in various Olympic style challenges-much fun was had by all who  took part.

In  all the children raised a whopping £174.44

The two winning ideas teams visited the Home with their cheque and were given a tour of the site to see the animals and the work done here.

Thank you so much Year 6′ Heroes’ from all the animals and staff at Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

The story of adorable Brandy-given a fresh start with a loving home.

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Brandy Dec 2011 (1)


A  heartwarming story-just right for this time of year-we have heard from Brandy’s new owners.

We adopted Brandy (she was called “Blondie” at BCDH – but she had been re-named due to a truly horrible past history, and the name hadn’t quite taken so we could change it) in May 2011.  We wanted an older dog and the helpful people on reception suggested that she might be right for us – being quite a contented dog who was happy to sleep most of the day.  When we saw her the first thing she did was to run up to us and roll over wagging her tail, and we absolutely fell in love with her.

 (Brandy at the time of her adoption,in May)Brandy May 2011

She has settled in really well at home – staking claim to the “big chair” in the living room, although she also enjoys curling up in her basket and looking out into the garden, or, sleeping in the sun on a nice day.  Everyone who meets her loves her as she is so good natured – in fact the little lad next door to us calls her “Friendly” instead of Brandy as he insists it suits her better!  We have taken her on a “doggie holiday” to Keswick where she spent a night in a hotel and was even allowed into the bar, and we aren’t short for people inviting her over (usually allowing us to come along too as long as we behave ourselves).  Some of our friends who have children who are generally afraid of dogs have even said that she is the only dog that they like as she is so gentle.

We consider ourselves so lucky to have been able to adopt her and are grateful to all at BCDH for taking her in in the first instance and giving her a great fresh start.  Thank you!!

Audrey & David (and Brandy)Brandy Dec 2011 (2)BCDH says: Thank you for giving an older dog a new,loving home-Brandy looks so happy and we are delighted she is so popular with all she meets.

We have quite a few older pets needing loving homes-they are often quite easy to settle into a new home environment-so if you are considering adopting from us,please dont pass the ‘oldies’ by.

If you are unable to adopt at present please consider sponsoring one of our long stay Paw Pals or purchasing one of  our Rescue Packs as a Christmas gift-to help the animals.


Happy Homes Appeal

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Our animal behaviourist Steve made us all smile with his plan for his Enrichment Paddock (below, click to make larger). This new secure space will be funded by donations to the Happy Homes Appeal (click here to read more about that) and will be used during the day by our residents and perhaps in the evening we could open it to people bringing their dogs in for a small donation.

We think it looks like a lot of fun, particularly the squeaky floor! If you want to help Steve make his paddock, please donate by clicking the red heart at the top of the page.

DID YOU KNOW? If you state the project you’re donating towards we can only use the money towards that project.

steves plan

Found a home!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Animals re-homed from 1-7 June 2010

Found a home!

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Animals re-homed 29 March – 5 April