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Pablo in Cardboard Box[1]

Hello, I adopted the adorable Pippen the rat on 25th of Febuary. He has a new name which is Pablo as it suits his cute and funny look that he normaly portrays on his face. He loves to hang out with his cage mates Jacob and Marlo. His favorite treat is Cheerios which he seems to get excited over. He enjoys coming out and trotting around my bedroom. He is still a little shy however he is slowly becoming more and more friendly and curious. He is a very inteligent little guy who loves to join in when Jacob and Marlo are learning tricks, his proud trick is standing on his back legs, it’s not a big trick but he finds it exciting to win a treat after showing off.
Pablo and I would both like to thank you all at Bath Cats and Dogs Home for all of the work you have done for all of the animals.
Thank you,
from Pablo’s mummy.

BCDH say’ You are a real cutie pie Pablo!!!’

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