A Message from the gorgeous Trigger!

Trigger 1

Dear friends at Bath Cats & Dogs Home

I’m Trigger the American Bulldog cross, I was adopted by my new family
in October 2011 and thought you may like some photos to see how I’m


I have settled in brilliantly, I have gained lots of weight and continue
to grow into a big strong boy.  I have been to puppy class & learnt lots
of new commands & tricks, I love playing with any dogs I meet and have 2
special 4 legged friends, Dexter who is 4 months old & Sasha who is 10.
I go on lots of walks & love my frisbee & tennis ball. I have been to
Longleat and the woods & also been swimming in a big river.

  I got so many new toys at christmas I didn’t know what to play with first, my favourite is my big kong!  I love playing with my family especially 10
year old Dylan who I play hide & seek with at home.


I’m still quite nervous of strangers and can be quite shy but my
confidence grows every day.  I am so pleased that my brother Boycie has
gone to his forever home now & I’m sure he will be very happy too.

Love from Trigger.

We are glad to hear you’re doing so well Trigger and we think you are very cute indeed! And Boycie has also gone to a very lovely home, by the sea.What a lucky pair you are to have such loving homes.

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