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Jake-the dog with a heart of gold!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

jake2Jake’s new family tell us-

I thought I’d give an account of how well Jake is settling in to his new home, he truly is a dog with a heart of gold!

Upon adoption and arrival at his new home, Jake’s really come out of his shell, he has a nature true to his staffy heritage, very boisterous and excitable but a sweeter dog you couldn’t wish for!

He loves visiting new places, meeting new people and always seems to have a smile on his face.He has learnt some new commands and is taking on board that if he ‘gives’ a toy he will be rewarded with a game of  tug or catch.


In the house, wherever you lay Jake’s bed that is where he will sit and is better at being left for short periods as long as he has a Kong stuffed with doggy delights!

Initially,when out walking Jake was quite stressed but is becoming much more relaxed and making plenty of doggy friends and people have commented on his fine leash etiquette.

Jake is really a dog you can trust, he has a great appetite and after only a one accident has house trained very easily. He allows himself to be touched all over, even when eating, and has no aggressive tendencies – which makes it a lot easier to check his teeth and towel him down after a muddy walk!

It’s hard to believe for my family and I that a dog so full of life was close to death only months ago. Due to Jake’s allergies to most foods he needed a serious stomach operation, without which I have been told he wouldn’t have lived. Jake is only 19 months old and it is so wonderful to know that a dog who may not have had a chance is now a happy, healthy family pet who has many years ahead of him thanks to BCDH.

Jake has certainly changed our lives for the better! Every dog deserves a loving home, and we are so pleased to have the privilege of being Jake’s new family.


BCDH say-’Thank you for giving Jake such a loving home-the understanding,love and care you are showing him is superb-

and we have so many more animals who deserve to  be in a home just as loving  as Jakes.

Found a home!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Animals adopted from 19-25 January 2012

Plus 2 chickens and Ted the terrier

Hello From Kit-Kat!

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

kit kat

Kit -Kat has only been in her new home a short while but has settled in really quickly.She says-

I’m Kitkat and I thought I should send you a picture of me in my new home.  I’ve been here nearly a week now and I love it.
I’m being really spoilt.  I get lots of cuddles, lots of play and lovely dinners.  I’ve been really well behaved, Mrs B says I’m a really easy cat.  I eat everything they give me and use the litter tray.  I did cry the first couple of times they left me on my own, but I quickly realised that they’re not gone long and when they come back I get lots of cuddles so I don’t cry any more.  I also tried crying for more food a few times but that didn’t work so I’ve given up!  I can see a lovely garden through the catflap, but they won’t let me out yet so I’m watching the birds and planning mischief for when they do let me out.  I sleep in a lovely new bed and also like sitting right up on top of the fridge/freezer  (Mr & Mrs B don’t understand that but its good to keep them on their toes!)
Lots of love to my carer and all my mates in the cattery.

We loved hearing from you Kit-Kat! It sounds as if you have your humans well trained already!

Billy the Staffie-a gorgeous boy-enjoying his new home.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

billy the staffie1

This lovely boy has written to us to tell us how well he is doing!

To all my carers, walkers and doggie friends at BCDH,
Just a quick woof to let you know that I am settling in paw-fectly with my new humans. I go for a run in my local park every day and work on impressing the ladies, the humans there call me ‘handsome Billy’ and I have a new best doggie friend too, she is called Gypsy. Together we roll in the mud and make our humans mad!
I have lots of new toys to chew, I especially like ‘oink’ the evil squeaky pig – he is so evil that I have to bite him and chew him and jump on him every day. One day I will defeat him. I have a lovely new snuggly bed too and a bowl with my name on!
I love to run in my new garden and play hide-a-treat all over my new house, but at the end of a long day there is nothing I love more than snuggling on the sofa with my new humans. They might tell you I snore but don’t believe a woof of it! Barks and bones,

From Billy the Staffibs2

And his new family want to add how well h’s doing-

To all the terrific carers and wonderful walkers at Bath Cats and Dogs home,
What a pleasure it is to have the gorgeous Billy in our lives! He has settled in marvelously and it is like he has been here for years. We have quite a routine now with walks and dinner and play time and we suddenly seem to have found lots more free time. Instead of wasting Sunday mornings in bed we are in the routine of being up and out and enjoying the great outdoors. We both feel so much fitter and healthier for it! We have discovered some fantastic parks and trails in and around Bristol, it is a much greener city than we ever realised.

Billy is a fun-loving and outgoing dog who is popular with everyone we meet. He seems to take everything in his stride and has adapted well to our busy and active household. He is a perfect angel in the house and does not chew furniture or bark or make a mess. We have come to realise that he is a very clever chap and he has already learned some new games and tricks. We are starting some classes this week to refine his manners and keep his mind active too.

So a huge thank you to everyone who looked after Billy and who helped make our adoption dream come true. We love Billy oh so much! From first thing in the morning when he licks us awake to last thing at night when we struggle to hear the tv over his snoring (!) he is one snuggly ball of lovable dog!


A lovely boy – thank you Billy and family for proving that Staffies make great pets-they are intelligent,loyal and loving-so please don’t ignore the breed if you are searching for a new doggy friend.

Found a home!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Animals adopted from 12-18 January 2012

Plus 4 chickens, a cat called Elvis and a finch.