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Found a home!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Animals adopted from 20-26 October 2011

Plus 3 chickens, 4 kittens and we passed a hedgehog over to the lovely North Wiltshire Wildlife

The Adventures of Tintin!

Monday, October 24th, 2011


Tintin was only with us for 2 weeks-he quickly found a forever home and has written us a letter to tell us how he’s getting on-

Hello All
Its me Tin Tin – not that one in the film – the one who left you and went to live in Frome!!!  Just thought we would give you an update and a couple of photos so you can see how I’m doing.
I have really settled into my new home – its been 8 weeks now.  Do you remember that scared, timid, frightened
of anything that moved little dog – well look at me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The first thing I had to learn was its ok to go to the  toilet outside and yes that is mastered – in fact I have just been for my morning walk and performed well!!!  I won’t go into details. 

When they adopted me they bought  me  a squeaky ball that made me slip my collar.  Well we bought a rope that I chew – stops the rugs being chewed – it has had to be tied by Mum a couple of times to make my rope usable again  and my squeaky toy is not so scary and in fact I’ve progressed to a tennis ball!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love meeting other dogs on my walks and thanks to some advice from a dog whisperer I dont try to run from people who talk to us – and due to how cute I am that is lots!!!! 

 I go in the car and have been to the seaside, the canal, the Mendip hills at Priddy, Southwick country park – all over really and my day is taken up with walks, playing and sleeping in my cage which I really love.
I am seeing the dog whisperer for a one to one this week – then I hope to start doing some proper training and games.
So THANK YOU for finding my happy life and making me appreciated by my Mum and Dad.
My life is as good as the other Tintins!!!!!!!!!!!
Licks and love
Tintin and Mum and Dad



We are so pleased you are growing in confidence Tintin-you are lucky to have found such a caring Mum and Dad who are taking their time to understand your little ways-life is great isn’t it?

Stay in touch Tintin-we want to hear more of your adventures!!

Found a home!

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Bumper edition: Animals adopted from 6th to the 19th of October 2011

Plus 29 chickens, dogs Buster & Bud, cats Misty, Tobias and Meg plus 9 kittens

Great News For All Those Members of the Basil Fan Club!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Lots of people know our long stay dog Basil and will be delighted to hear from his new owners-he and they are doing so well.basil

We first met Basil in February 2011 when we decided that we would like to be a “paw pal” and take a special interest in one of the long stay dogs. At that point Basil had been at the home for about  2 years. Our first introduction was an enthusiastic game of “tuggy” down at one of the paddocks (a largish enclosed area where the dogs can be off the lead for a good run around) Basil’s enjoyment of the game was contagious – we all had a lovely time.

We completed the induction to become volunteer dog walkers and started to walk him (and other dogs) on a regular basis. It soon became apparent that nearly “everyone” knew Basil including most of the people we met during our walks. We also quickly learned that he had a special group of friends who walked him regularly known as the “Basil Fan Club”. Our early concerns about taking him back to his kennel after the walk and feeling sad for him were soon blown away, as we saw for ourselves how deeply caring the staff and volunteers are and the quality of the care that the animals are given.

Months went by and we had the ambition that we wanted to help Basil become more “adoptable”. Although we would not be able to do anything significant to improve his health, the home had done all that was possible in that direction, but we would try to find answers to some of the other questions.

Basil came to our home for several visits to see how he behaved in a home environment (his history had involved far too long first in a shed and then the kennel). As he gradually learned to relax and be in our home, we were able to confirm that yes he is house trained and yes he is very good with cats. We found that in fact somewhere in the past he had been very well trained and had not forgotten everything.

The inevitable happened, despite all our best efforts to resist the growing bond, we decided that we had to find a way to have him with us all the time and adopt him. Our biggest concern was taking Basil away from his special Fan Club, but with everyone’s blessing we brought him to his new home on Saturday 1st October.

One week on and he has settled in as though he has lived here all his life, becoming very confident and learning our routines. He has a few favourite places to lie, mostly in the way! And hardly ever in the comfy beds we got for him in preparation for him coming to our home! He does lie pressed against my ankle as I work at the computer which is actually rather nice. We have had one or two mishaps as he tried to take a shortcut across the pond, and I managed to get white paint on his tail when we were painting a gate, but other than that has made it through the week unscathed.

He has learned to play ball properly, bringing it back and dropping it at our feet so it can be thrown again (a 7am game to be best played in a dressing gown on Sunday morning). He has also improved quite a bit on the lead, although we still have some way to go when he is excited about going out/coming home. All in all we cannot believe our luck. It is clear that without the love, care and patience that his friends at the home bestowed on him over the years, he may have had very different outcome – We cannot thank you all enough- Rachel and Barry.

And we at  BCDH would like to thank you for the patience and understanding that you have shown the lovely Basil.

We never give up on a dog here , believing that out there somewhere there are the right owners in the right home-for animals who exhibit challenging behaviours because of the  way they have been treated in the past -thank you Basil and your new Mum and Dad for proving our point!

Found a home!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Animals adopted from 29 September – 5 October

Plus 3 chickens and 5 kittens