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Found a home!

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Animals re-homed from 18-24 August 2011

Plus 6 chickens and 2 kittens

Bryn’s story-it was a challenge but it was well worth it!

Sunday, August 21st, 2011


The heartwarming  story of a challenging girl,who with love and understanding ,has come good; her new owners write-

We lost our beloved cat Sophie late last year. Roly, our other cat, seemed lonely without her, although they didn’t get on so we decided to look for another cat. In the past, cats have found us but this didn’t happen so we came to Claverton to find a cat.


There were so many lovely cats, it was difficult to choose but we took a shine to tiny, timid Bryn. We asked about her and were told she had problems with her mouth, possibly mouth cancer and would need some of her teeth removed and she would need lot of TLC. We thought she was a challenge but decided we were up to it so adopted Bryn on an assisted adoption.


We bought a pyramid pod as that was what she was used to at Claverton and a litter tray for her to use. We hoped this would only be for a few days but we were over optimistic. She refused to come out of her pod, except to eat and use the tray. If we lifted her out, she hissed and scratched and hid in a corner. She also found her way into the bed settee in the spare bedroom where we had put her and had to forcibly removed from it. This went on for some weeks and we began to despair of ever getting her into a family routine. Eventually she came out of the bedroom but ran away whenever we approached her. We moved her tray and food out into the hall and she took to hiding behind the chair in the lounge. She had to make visits to Claverton to have her mouth checked and each time it was a battle to get her into the cat basket to take her. She gradually got to come when my husband called her but she wouldn’t come to me as I was Mrs,Nasty who stuffed her into a basket. The only time she would come to me was when I gave her a cat treat, which she loves. She would sit at the cat flap. She would watch Roly going in and out, but couldn’t summon up the courage to use it herself. One day, I couldn’t find her at teatime in any of her usual haunts and we realised she had actually gone out herself through the catflap. Progress! Suddenly she changed and she was in and out the catflap all the time. She also started to bring in “presents”. These included mice, alive and dead, a pigeon’s wing, a live frog and assorted feathers. She has become devoted to Roly, and he to her. He looks after her like a big brother and she has started to see off Bob, next door’s cat, although he is a lot bigger than her.


She has now become a real character, looking for her treats at 9pm every evening, and pinching Roly’s if she can. She sleeps on the bed with us and curls up with Roly on the bird table, his favourite spot when warm and dry. She is still timid and doesn’t yet come on laps but we live in hope. She is such a different cat to the timid little thing we brought home in the spring. I think you can say she is one of your success stories.

 Diana-Bryn’s Mum!! (formerly Mrs.Nasty!!)

Thank you so much for persevering with Bryn-we are so pleased she has turned  into  the pet you were hoping for, from all at BCDH.

Found a home!

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Animals re-homed from 11-18 August

Plus 43 chickens, 2 kittens and an elderly pair of cats who went in and out very fast!

George the long haired tabby re-named T.C.

Monday, August 15th, 2011

T.C.s owners tell us of his progress-


The first picture is of him on his first day with us, unsure of his new surroundings, still recovering from the ear infection and with his fur looking very oily



The next photo shows T.C.  looking better -very handsome!



And here he is looking quite at home with his new sister Chloe-



T.C Chloe

We have to say that we made a very good choice in having him – he is so friendly and loving and wants to be with us all the time, which is not something that can be said of most cats!

Thanks to Hilary  the volunteer from the Home who found him and took him in!

Diana and Tony -T.C.s new Mum and Dad!

Found a home!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Animals re-homed from 4-10 August

Plus 2 chickens and boxer Buddy who we didn’t get a photo of.