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Buster and Joule Settling in So Well.

Sunday, July 31st, 2011



Buster and Joule 1

This elegant pair are settling in to their new surroundings so well-their new owner writes-

“Buster & Joule

They really are a delightful pair and it is so pleasing
to see them relax and their personalities develop.
Joule is much more active than Buster and takes great pleasure from running. Most of our field is left for hay at the moment as the ponies are on restricted grazing, this gives Buster and Joule  about eight acres to run around in and they certainly enjoy doing that.

They also love their walks andare very well behaved.

Joule has adopted a squeaky  rubber dinosaur that
belonged to Daisy(our Westie) as her favourite toy and loves running around with it.
Buster was so nervous when we got him, he would run out of the room at the slightest noise and was frightened if I tried to sweep the kitchen floor; now I can sweep up around him and he does not move and is much better with noises.

 They are both very good with the cats and seem
genuinely concerned about my aged Westie, Daisy.
In fact, all three of them are asleep on the rug next to me as I write this, a favourite place as you will see from the photographs.”

Please, thank everyone again on our behalf.
Best wishes,

What a superb forever home for Buster and Joule.

Thank you for giving them such a lovely life.

Buster and Joule 2

Found a home!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

A bumper edition due to holiday – animals re-homed from 14-27 July 2011

Plus 2 dogs, 3 puppies and 1 kitten

Paw Pal Billy adopted by the children of Rowdeford School.

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

A lovely group of Year 9 pupils from Rowdeford School visited the Home this week to hear about the work we do and to visit Paw Pal Billy.




The pupils had been studying the thorny question of household budgeting in their P.S.H.E. lessons and had also considered the costs incurred when keeping a pet.

After looking at our website they  decided to raise some money in order to ‘adopt’ Billy the Paw Pal.They did this by organising and budgeting for a bake sale;holding mufti day at school  and a donation collection-which raised enough money to sponsor Billy for a year.

The pupils were given a talk about the work done at the Home and then had a tour of the site. They  then met Paw Pal Blake for a patting and cuddling session and then went off to see Billy in his lovely, newly refurbished  kennel.

Billy was delighted with the squeaky toys the pupils  had purchased for him at the Paw Store and several of the pupils are now convinced they want to work with animals when they leave school!

Well done Rowdeford pupils,it was a pleasure to have you at the Home.

Found a home!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Animals re-homed from 7-13 July

Plus 5 kittens

Found a home!

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Animals re-homed 30 May – 6 June