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Found a home!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Animals re-homed from 20th – 26th January 2011

Plus 18 chickens

Albert the Adorable.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Albert inour office before he went to his forever homeHello everyone it’s me Albert the Bull Mastiff,writing to tell you all that the family who adopted me are just great. Iam so happy and have been here about 8 months now. When I first arrived they took me for some hydrotherapy which did my leg a power of good and I have no problems with my leg at all now. And more good news -I am eating really well and have even put on a few pounds in weight-you wouldn’t recognise me.

I have also gained a step brother called Neg who looks after me(not that I really need it),we are really good friends. I have alovely leather setee that I can relax on(I am really spoilt) and go for lovely walks in the forest.

Well I must be going now as the setee is calling!

I do miss stealing the lovely biscuits that you had in the office and  I promise  that when my Mum and Dad have some spare time we will all come and see you.

Bye for now ,

Lots of  love

Found a home!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Animals re-homed from 13 – 19 January

An Indie the Lurcher Update.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

We remember Indie the Lurcher with great fondness  and we were delighted to receive the following message telling us how he is -

“He is still a bit nervous around other men and some dogs, but generally he isreally good, put on some weight and loving his running! Attended Steve’s
training class but Indie  would rather have been on the
sofa than with lots of other dog students!
No howling, loves Radio 3! Is fantastic with children and we are so
pleased that he has settled so well;he’s only eaten one mobile phone
and attacked one laptop, not bad! We love him. ”

P.S-even more up to date report tells us-

‘ Indie has loved the snow! He is gorgeous and everyone thinks he is a girl because he is so beautiful! He is fabulous with the children and pines for them when they go home or out without him.’

Indie 021Indie 041

Fabulous Fifi and Adorable Aine In New Homes.

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Well life doesn't get much better for a cat does it? Here is Olive (now Aine) doing what cats do best!!


Fifi was just six months old when she was adopted and her owners tell us that she purrs and loves being made a fuss of!

A little before Christmas we received news of  these two happy cats-one a mere  youngster and the other an ‘oldie’ of 14 years-they both look blissfully happy!