Fate plays a helping hand

happy family

Can you imagine finding a new friend so fast? Two volunteers tell us the story of the shock of falling for one of our dogs…

Having adopted three fantastic dogs from Bath Cats and Dogs Home ten years ago – two German Shepherds and one Collie, our world was devastated when in April we lost Pippa, our 13 year old German Shepherd. 

We had registered to do the Wag Walk but the dog we had requested was unavailable so by chance we were given Tisha, a lovely German Shepherd.   It was love at first sight and after a couple of weeks of Tisha getting to know us and our other two dogs, she became part of our family. 

Thank you to all the staff for your hard work and the love you give to your animals.

Bernie & Lorraine

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3 Responses to “Fate plays a helping hand”

  1. Rosie says:

    Hello!! I’m the girl who ended up walking with you on the Wag Walk, I had the lovely Staffie Joey. So thrilled you adopted Tisha, I knew you would as she warmed to you so instantly, and I could tell the feeling was mutual :)
    She looks so incredibly happy in the photo, so happy for you all! I couldnt imagine a better home for her!
    Rosie x

  2. michelle says:

    i think people that are horriable to animals are sick and need to be put away or be treated the same way so they know how if feels,you dont need to hurt them they are so kind and caring to you if you treat them right and love them they love you back so much i love my dogs and cats so much and wouldnt be without them

  3. michelle says:

    dogs and cats are the most loving things and they never hurt you but they do give you so much love and kindness NO1 should hurt them and if they do they should pay for it,i love my german sheppard collie and 2 sheppard collie xs and my cats,and i always will love them so much they make me feel so happy when i am down and they are a VERY big part of my family