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Don’t forget about me!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

socks close up

Socks is one of our long term residents in the cattery having been here over a year. Socks is a bright, inquisitive, lively soul who gets very bored being stuck in a pod, Socks is different from most cats as she loves going for walks on a harness.

Socks loves her freedom and enjoys a couple of hours roaming our feral colony until she jumps out and makes her way back up to the cattery to the surprise of visitors.

Although full of confidence she does become quite frightened by some things she experiences and becomes aggressive. From her past homes she has taken a dislike to the men in the household, perhaps having had a bad experience when young.

A lot of people pass her by because of her behavioural issues, but I have gotten to know her and her little ways and she’s been fantastic. Once she trusts you and feels secure, she’s the most loyal cat you will ever meet.

Liz, main cattery

socks walk

From runaway to loving home

Friday, June 11th, 2010

sandy lurch

Some of you may remember Mandy – an older tan wire-coated lurcher who was straying near the Home for several weeks in October last year. There was a prolonged operation to try and catch her safely to get her treatment and a kennel to stay in. Several of our animal carers spent hours trying to coax her close! In the end, as she was so scared,  a set of dog traps were placed along the avenue and she was safely caught.

She turned out to be a friendly dog once she had settled in and had some good meals. She was soon re-homed.

We are pleased to show you a photo from her new owners – she is now called Sandy and looks thoroughly content!

A note with the photo said:
Here I am with my mate Tara and our large friend Speddock who comes to stay for his holidays sometimes. Life is great! Love from Sandy

Keira and Dayna’s story

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

playing for web 1

A chance remark saved the lives of two beautiful dogs by Bath Cats & Dogs Home.

A regular dog warden was scheduled to bring us three dogs from her round, and as the paperwork was being checked in our Animal Manager Jackie went to the van to pick up the dogs. In the cages behind were two dogs she had picked up on the way – an unusual  Samoyed and a Labrador.

Jackie casually asked where they were going to find out that they were headed to be put to sleep. It turned out that both dogs had been returned from another rescue home because the Samoyed was drinking too much water and possibly had a kidney infection, and the Labrador was too old and had a lump on her side.

Although all of our kennels were full, Jackie quickly took them in and found a paddock for them to wait until space was organised. Keira is seen playing here with Zipper who was one of the scheduled arrivals. There is also a video posted on our YouTube channel here.

Both dogs were checked into our veterinary suite. The Labrador, called Dayna, turned out to have a benign lump and the Samoyed, Keira, got the all clear for any kidney problems. If Jackie hadn’t gone to that van, these two gorgeous dogs would be dead for no reason.

Keira is currently reserved and ready to go soon, Zipper has already found a home and Dayna (below) is still looking.  Please come and meet her in C block.

18510 dayna a

playing for web 2

Make our black cats lucky

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

18167 leo 18528 lennox KITTENS

We have a lot of kittens in foster homes this spring (over 40 at last count) so when people call to adopt they usually start by asking about colour. This means we are currently left with older black kittens. But why?

Mythology may have a lot to answer for – but for every country that sees the black cat as bad luck or a witch’s familiar, there is one who sees them as lucky and promising a bright future.

In England a black cat crossing your path is lucky, and in Scotland a black kitten in your porch is a sign of money and happiness. If a black cat walks toward you it is good luck, if it stops and turns away though then if you are superstitious then don’t place that bet!

It may be that you may think all black cats look the same, but you will soon learn to spot your mono-coloured cat out of a line-up. Against that elegant fur their eyes become even more of a feature, and if they have white whiskers they are truly stunning to look at.

Our Kitten Fostering Co-ordinator Joan suggested that the best way to find your perfect kitten is to spend time and look at their individual character, and she has seen people who were insistant they want a tabby happily adopting a black cat after seeing a litter in person.

Lennox and Leo are kittens in foster care – they are not from teh same litter but they became great friends so would like a home together. Please call in and speak to reception for all kitten adoptions or see here for more details.

Found a home!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Animals re-homed from 1-7 June 2010