The Story of Boots’ New Home

Hi! I’m Boots and I’ve got a new home! I’m one of the lucky ones, I know that, but please let me tell you a bit about myself.

gardenPIC3So I came off the cold winter streets into the Bath Cats and Dogs Home on the 5th December and spent several weeks in luxury; warm, fed and safe having cuddles from some lovely people. And then on New Year’s Eve my new Mum came in to see me. I meowed at her and Granny outside and I think they liked me – they poked their fingers through the wire and rubbed my head! I ran back inside to attract their attention and I certainly did that. But no cuddles that day. Mum tells me now it was because she was waiting to make sure the people that own the freehold on her garden flat would be ok with me living there.

Still not knowing whether I would be allowed to live with her, Mum came back to visit on the Sunday after our first meeting to make sure I didn’t have a reserve. I was sleepy so didn’t pay much interest, especially in the other people who’d asked to stroke me. I heard my Mum say, “but Boots is MY cat!” to her friend. I felt quite important. And very in demand.

The Home is shut on a Monday, but before I knew it, it was Tuesday and there was Mum and Granny again cuddles and all this time! The reserve in place my Mum seemed far more excited than I was. I think she may have even shed a tear. I know I would knowing how fabulous I am. It was several weeks before I was to go home but Mum and Granny – and Gramps – came up every weekend with treats, toys, cuddles and most importantly love for me.

Dratted British weather – snow of all things – dragged out my adoption process but finally, on February 5th, my lovely carers put me in a carrier and took me to the adoption table. I am so grateful to them for looking after me and all those people who volunteer to help re-home animals in Bath, I really hope I wasn’t too much trouble. Mum was there and I think she was very close to tears – yet again – at this point. I heard from Granny she had wanted a cat for such a long, long time and here I was gorgeous, girly and grey. I absolutely don’t blame her. I am gorgeous but it’s not that I know it!

Mum had read the guide books; you know the ones, introduce a cat to one room at a time but I am a free spirit. As soon I was home I had done a reccy of the house quicker than it takes a first-time buyer to look around a kitchen. I loved it the only problem I had was choosing a spot to sleep – there were so many! Yet again I was very much the centre of attention – as you’ve gathered by now I am used to it – so did the whole ‘pleased to meet you, I am the Queen of this house now, would you like a cup of tea’ type of thing. Mum loved it. As did my subjects who dropped by to welcome me home.

After only a few hours in my new home I had slept on Mums lap which she absolutely loved. I think she nearly cried again – she must have a weak constitution (and she‘s only 33). My first night was ace – Mum let me sleep on her bed, and now nearly 8 weeks on every night I’m there with her, sometimes if I’m cold I’ll even get under the covers.

I know my Mum loves me very much, we always have playtime in the morning and she doesn’t mind I’ve pretty much wrecked her Ikea sofa arms, but then I think she’s like me, if they were from Habitat perhaps she might be a bit stricter and I might respect them more!
I know I love my Mum too, she’s given me a second chance which other people might not have. I only hope that all my friends at Bath Cats and Dogs Home are as lucky as me. I really do feel like I’ve found my forever home…and I love it!

Lots of love

Boots Young
H.R.H. Queen of Rivers Street


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5 Responses to “The Story of Boots’ New Home”

  1. cats says:

    Glad to hear boots is doing well. It was a long delay for her adoption waiting for the dental and british weather, but it sounds like she’s made herself right at home!

  2. Jane says:

    Wow he looks EXACTLY like our rescue puss we got in August, we could have book ends lol! We did change his name from Smokey to Shyzer, I hope that Boots is as happy as Shyz!

  3. Rosie says:

    What a lovely story! Brought a tear to my eye, am thrilled Boots has found a fantastic home, and brought joy to her lovely new family!

  4. Pip says:

    Will kepp an eye out for boots as I live around there! Sounds like a very happy and lucky cat!

  5. Missy McHocking says:

    Sounds like you’ve landed on your paws there Boots’…. even if you’re owner does sound a bit bonkers!