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The Story of Boots’ New Home

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Hi! I’m Boots and I’ve got a new home! I’m one of the lucky ones, I know that, but please let me tell you a bit about myself.

gardenPIC3So I came off the cold winter streets into the Bath Cats and Dogs Home on the 5th December and spent several weeks in luxury; warm, fed and safe having cuddles from some lovely people. And then on New Year’s Eve my new Mum came in to see me. I meowed at her and Granny outside and I think they liked me – they poked their fingers through the wire and rubbed my head! I ran back inside to attract their attention and I certainly did that. But no cuddles that day. Mum tells me now it was because she was waiting to make sure the people that own the freehold on her garden flat would be ok with me living there.

Still not knowing whether I would be allowed to live with her, Mum came back to visit on the Sunday after our first meeting to make sure I didn’t have a reserve. I was sleepy so didn’t pay much interest, especially in the other people who’d asked to stroke me. I heard my Mum say, “but Boots is MY cat!” to her friend. I felt quite important. And very in demand.

The Home is shut on a Monday, but before I knew it, it was Tuesday and there was Mum and Granny again cuddles and all this time! The reserve in place my Mum seemed far more excited than I was. I think she may have even shed a tear. I know I would knowing how fabulous I am. It was several weeks before I was to go home but Mum and Granny – and Gramps – came up every weekend with treats, toys, cuddles and most importantly love for me.

Dratted British weather – snow of all things – dragged out my adoption process but finally, on February 5th, my lovely carers put me in a carrier and took me to the adoption table. I am so grateful to them for looking after me and all those people who volunteer to help re-home animals in Bath, I really hope I wasn’t too much trouble. Mum was there and I think she was very close to tears – yet again – at this point. I heard from Granny she had wanted a cat for such a long, long time and here I was gorgeous, girly and grey. I absolutely don’t blame her. I am gorgeous but it’s not that I know it!

Mum had read the guide books; you know the ones, introduce a cat to one room at a time but I am a free spirit. As soon I was home I had done a reccy of the house quicker than it takes a first-time buyer to look around a kitchen. I loved it the only problem I had was choosing a spot to sleep – there were so many! Yet again I was very much the centre of attention – as you’ve gathered by now I am used to it – so did the whole ‘pleased to meet you, I am the Queen of this house now, would you like a cup of tea’ type of thing. Mum loved it. As did my subjects who dropped by to welcome me home.

After only a few hours in my new home I had slept on Mums lap which she absolutely loved. I think she nearly cried again – she must have a weak constitution (and she‘s only 33). My first night was ace – Mum let me sleep on her bed, and now nearly 8 weeks on every night I’m there with her, sometimes if I’m cold I’ll even get under the covers.

I know my Mum loves me very much, we always have playtime in the morning and she doesn’t mind I’ve pretty much wrecked her Ikea sofa arms, but then I think she’s like me, if they were from Habitat perhaps she might be a bit stricter and I might respect them more!
I know I love my Mum too, she’s given me a second chance which other people might not have. I only hope that all my friends at Bath Cats and Dogs Home are as lucky as me. I really do feel like I’ve found my forever home…and I love it!

Lots of love

Boots Young
H.R.H. Queen of Rivers Street


The Boris I know

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Our dedicated dog walkers often walk the same dog and get to know them really well. Bob has been walking Boris the rottweiler, and has found him a handsome companion.

12976 boris a

“Boris loves his routine……and walks excellently on a lead now, with a halti only attached as an insurance….just in case another dog becomes aggressive……Boris does not start problems, and mostly ignores other dogs……but sometimes he has to stand up for himself……a simple command puts that to rights, and he trots away alongside me like it never happened.

He does not like buses…….particularly ones that make a hiss noise and move their doors when we are walking past, and tends to hide behind me…..thus destroying the Rottie “fear nought” myth……he is actually a real character…..

He loves his treats, and he loves his cuddles too….(particularly cuddles and treats…..together).  He loves to sit at your feet and just have his ears tickled…….for maybe ten or twelve hours I guess…….or so it would seem.

 I’ve been walking him for a little while now, and if I was not a full time professional, like my wife, meaning we are out of the house for long periods, he would right now be living with us!!!

I simply do not understand why nobody has fallen for Boris, and taken him home…….but I am torn between what is good for him, and what is fun for me……….so I will enjoy my time working with him, and look forward to the day he is homed with mixed feelings”.

You can see Boris’ page here.

Pitter patter of tiny paws

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


We don’t just have old dogs and cats here, we get a number of unwanted puppies and kittens as well as some births on site! A few of our cats are pregnant at the moment, Bella and Minny have big tummies! And Juliet is being a good mum to three kittens. To adopt a kitten, take a look at our kitten page under ‘our animals’.

We also have in some puppies, including these three lurcher x collie pups who are now 4 months old. They are needing homes quite desperately now so they can get properly socialised. Bob, Tommy and Harry are available through our puppy file. Look at the puppy page under ‘our animals’.

Training Sophie

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

sophie training 

I feel compelled to write in order to express my deep gratitude for the training sessions that we have been attending at the Home.
We re-homed our staffy Sophie from Bath Cats & Dogs Home and she has a behavioural problem with other dogs. She is particularly bad when on the lead, barking and pulling towards other dogs and we immediately began training classes in our home town of Frome. Over a period of months we tried about 5 different training classes and individual trainers and all we experienced was disappointment after disappointment and a marked worsening of Sophie’s behaviour.
Firstly the prejudice that we encountered because she is a staffy was clear. At one class we were asked to complete the session in the car park next to the indoor school with all the other dogs. This was most upsetting for us because Sophie hadn’t even misbehaved. It was difficult to even get in a class because Sophie is a rescue staffy and when we did we were treated in the same segregated manner.
As a last resort I phoned Steve from the home. I had hesitated prior to this because I incorrectly assumed returning to the home would be distressing for Sophie. We finally felt that we had someone who understood us and crucially understood that Sophie was just a dog like any other who needed help.
We have been going to Naughty But Nice for almost a year now and it has been a real life-line for us. Sophie has come on in leaps and bounds. When we first began the class all the negative training methods had had a severe impact on her and she was incredibly stressed even with one dog simply being in the same field as her and would bark, etc. We have just returned from Naughty But Nice today and it is a entirely different picture. She is so excited as soon as we get in the car and when we arrive at the home for her class it is genuinely the happiest time of her week. She gets to be a dog as a dog should be and interact safely with other dogs which is something she is incapable of doing anywhere else.  Today she ran straight in, no muzzle, and began playing with the other dogs. An inconcievable occurance before and it is truly wonderful to see our lovely dog Sophie being given an environment to progress and improve her (and our) life.
I cannot thank you enough for your patience and for caring so much about Sophie. Long may these classes continue to provide support and hope to people like us that have nowhere else to turn. And I am confident they have served to prevent many animals, with owners at the end of their tether, being returned or placed in the home.
Yours sincerely,
Sarah, Pete & Sophie the Staffy

Semi feral cats need homes too

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

The cattery has now re-opened after being closed for nearly a month due to an outbreak of cat flu. Many of the cats are now reserved, however, finding homes for semi feral cats seems to be difficult, as they are often overlooked.

Wallis – 8 month old still looking for a home

Semi feral cats are cats that have partially reverted back to their original wild state, which happens when the are not handled and socialised to help keep them happy and domesticated. It can take months or even years to fully domesticate a semi feral and requires a lot of time and patience. It is very rewarding when results are achieved. Semi feral cats are also happy for space and freedom and would easily suit being farm cats as long as they have shelter to call their own.

Watson – 8 months old still looking for a home

Bath Cats & Dogs Home is the last hope for these cats as other rehoming and rescue centres turn them away or put them down. We have a large waiting list of semi feral cats wanting to come in to us to find a new home. We will do our best to find every single one a new loving home whether it takes weeks, months or years.

If you are interested in rehoming a semi feral cat or even 2 to keep each other company, please speak to cattery staff. Semi ferals can be found in the main cattery, S cattery and Royle.

- Mel