Found a home!

April 26th, 2012

Two week bumper edition!

Animals adopted from 12-25 April 2012

Plus Angel the elderly collie x, both of Molly’s kittens Melody and Mimi , one chicken and one duck, and two hedgehogs went to Wiltshire Wildlife to be cared for.

Myrtle the attention seeker!!

April 18th, 2012


We adopted Myrtle, a gorgeous Harlequin rabbit, two years ago. We’d like to let you know how she is getting on!
Myrtle has well and truly made herself at home with us as a house rabbit. Following a very timid start after arriving here, she is now happy to let us know when she wants a cuddle – Myrtle has discovered that she likes attention after all!


She enjoys doing laps around the garden, laps around the house, bouncing on and off of the sofa, playing with the wood pigeons and generally binkying around all over the place. All of which is done with a happy, mischievous gleam in her eye! After a busy day, Myrtle likes to flop over in or next to her beloved bed for a well earned rest.
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Bath Cats and Dogs Home for re-homing Myrtle with us. She is a little treasure, and is definitely at the heart of the family! She is very much loved, and gives us so much joy. Myrtle has come a long way over the past two years, and is an increasingly affectionate and inquisitive little lady who knows her own mind. We can’t imagine our lives without her!
Thank you all for the wonderful work you do for all of the animals in your care!

Paul and Tina -Myrtle’s Mum and Dad!

Found a home!

April 12th, 2012

Animals adopted from 5-11 April 2012

Dory the Delightful!

April 10th, 2012

dory[1]We adopted Dory, a very friendly and lovable Staffy, on 9th Feb. She was obviously very well trained by her previous owners and she has been a delight since she joined us.
 She loves a walk and is well behaved on a lead unless a cat or squirrel crosses her path!!! Off the lead she loves to ferret about in the hedgerows and down rabbit holes.  We took it slowly, having her off the lead as she seems to have selective hearing when we call her back! She always comes back, eventually, and rarely goes far. She ignores other dogs unless they show an interest in her, and if they are nice to her, she is very nice back. I’m afraid a yappy, in your face dog gets very short shift!! 
She loves squeaky toys, so much so that the squeak lasts only a few seconds, and then the toy is ripped to pieces!!! She loves tennis balls too and we had a big breakthrough when she gave the ball back without us having to pretend we didn’t want it.
We love having Dory and Dory seems to love being with us!
Hughes family

BCDH say-

‘Thank you Dory’s family for giving her the chance of a new and loving home and proving what we keep saying here -that Staffis can make great pets and companions.’

We’re not only about cats and dogs-small animals make great pets too.

April 6th, 2012

Pablo in Cardboard Box[1]

Hello, I adopted the adorable Pippen the rat on 25th of Febuary. He has a new name which is Pablo as it suits his cute and funny look that he normaly portrays on his face. He loves to hang out with his cage mates Jacob and Marlo. His favorite treat is Cheerios which he seems to get excited over. He enjoys coming out and trotting around my bedroom. He is still a little shy however he is slowly becoming more and more friendly and curious. He is a very inteligent little guy who loves to join in when Jacob and Marlo are learning tricks, his proud trick is standing on his back legs, it’s not a big trick but he finds it exciting to win a treat after showing off.
Pablo and I would both like to thank you all at Bath Cats and Dogs Home for all of the work you have done for all of the animals.
Thank you,
from Pablo’s mummy.

BCDH say’ You are a real cutie pie Pablo!!!’